We are not the same, we are not equals, just because you see me, 2016.

FOR EXAMPLE: etc. ALab, Amsterdam.

I enjoy the silkiness involved in new beginnings, new books wrapped in thin transparent plastic foil which shines over the cover and sound like dry leaf’s… the soft touch of glossy paper, paper cuts, high contrast, times new roman typo… skimming through allegories as the real good, sweaty fingertips on the highlights, new pages… This is all about everything…

We are not the same, we are not equals! Just because you see me, is a sculptural approach to sound in which the viewer is subliminally invited to ignore its presence, inspired by the writings of Daniil Kharms, Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings.

Sound length: 21.03 mins.
Materials: fruit, plastic bottles, refrigerator, Ipad, speakers.

not_the_same not_the_same not_the_same not_the_same